Carlos de Aldama Sánchez


Carlos de Aldama is Assistant Professor at the department of Research and Psychology in Education, Faculty of Education, Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He holds a PhD. in Educational Psychology at Autonomous University of Madrid. His interests are mainly focused on how digital technologies are reshaping the different dimensions of human nature and society. In particular, he has largely researched how to integrate them in educational settings to enhance meaningful learning and how this is linked with higher mental processes, such as reasoning and thought. He has been involved in various research projects (e.g. EDUWorks, a Marie Curie Initial Training Network funded by European Commission) and collaborated with different international research groups (e.g. University of Ghent, Ghent, Belgium or Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia). His work has been published in different scientific journals (e.g. Journal of Educational Computing Research or Lecture Notes in Computer Science) and disseminated through numerous conferences, talks and workshops (e.g. European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning or European Conference on Educational Research).

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Líneas de Investigación:

  • ICT and cognitive processes.
  • ICT in education.
  • digital technologies and learning.
  • Thinking and reasoning.


Grupos de Investigación:


Proyectos de Investigación:

Como IP:

  • “Pensamiento y Tecnología Digital: Relación Entre El Uso De Las TIC Y Las Competencias Argumentativas y De Razonamiento En Educación Universitaria (2020-2021). Universidad Europea de Madrid.

Como Miembro de Equipo:

  • “EDUWorksProject: Crossing Borders in the Comprehensive Investigation of Labor Market Matching Processes, an EU-Wide, Trans-Disciplinary, Multilevel and Science-Practice-Bridging Training Network (2017-2018). Comisión Europea.
  • “Concepciones Y Usos De Las Representaciones Externas En El Aprendizaje Y La Enseñanza" (2015-2017). Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad dentro de la Convocatoria de Proyectos i+d Excelencia.



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Propuesta de tesis:

  • Towards an understanding of using digital technologies and cognitive processes (Hacia una comprensión del uso de las tecnologías digitales y los procesos cognitivos).